Business Consultancy

What does a business consultant do?

Businesses work with different people to help them with different parts of their business. They might work with a consultant to help them do better and make more money. Generally companies hire individuals who can help manage different segments of their organisation. 

They can also work together with consulting firms in various areas of the enterprise, typically with the objective of enhancing performance and maximizing growth. Business consultants are therefore highly valued external partners who can significantly increase business value.

A business consultant, also sometimes known as a management consultant or simply a consultant, offers advice and guidance to businesses and organisations. They use their business skills to offer expert advice on how to increase profits, add value and resolve issues. Essentially they improve the overall operations of a company with their specialist skills. So may require working with several different teams.

What does a business consultant do from JAS

A JAS business consultant can help improve different areas in a business. They can help with finance, marketing, HR, IT and management. Usually, a company doesn’t hire their own consultant but gets one from an agency or consultancy company like JAS Innovative. 

Our business consultant will work with multiple companies at the same time, and so bring a vast wealth of knowledge from many different business sectors where they will have seen the same issues and learnt how to implement them over and over to boost you business performance.

Some of a business consultant's other responsibilities may include:

  1. Interviewing company employees
  2. Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of strategies
  3. Gathering and preparing information for presentations
  4. Implementing solutions to problems
  5. Researching a company
  6. Frequently liaising with clients
  7. Analysing data and statistics
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JAS Working Style when Consulting

Typical our clients use our business consultancy services for management and business consultancy. Most firms require standard working hours, although when required JAS work evening and or weekends when working with deadlines. Additionally, we may attend evening dinners or networking events for our clients. AS we are usually working with several clients at once, our working days may involve splitting your time at your own office and our offices.

So why hire a JAS Consultant?

There are several reasons business owners should consider hiring consultants. Consultants offer a wide range of services, including the following:

  1. Providing expertise in a specific market
  2. Identifying problems
  3. Helping with strategic planning
  4. Supplementing existing staff
  5. Initiating change
  6. Providing objectivity
  7. Teaching and training employees
  8. Helping with problem solving
  9. Doing the “dirty work,” such as laying off staff
  10. Reviving an organization
  11. Creating a new business
  12. Offering expert knowledge in a particular field
  13. Providing guidance on marketing and advertising campaign
  14. Influencing other people, such as lobbyists

Our three step to success with our business consultancy

1 Discovery

The first step for any business consultant is the discovery phase. This is when they learn about your business. They learn from the owner and employees as much as possible. The consultant will do the following things:

  • Tour your facilities.
  • Meet with the board of directors and employees.
  • Analyze your company’s finances.
  • Read all company materials.
  • Talk to customer new and old

2. Evaluation

The JAS business consultant will need to understand your company well before they can start helping you improve. This involves figuring out your company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as any current or upcoming problems.

Your JAS consultant will look at problems that the owners and management have already found. They can do this because they are objective. The consultant can also find new or unmentioned problems.

Your JAS business consultant will find solutions to the problems they identify and outline ways to capitalize on opportunities to grow the business, increase profits, and boost efficiency. For example, if your company has a strong sales department, but a weak marketing department, you can increase your marketing resources to capitalize on your sales staff.

Two vital parts at this stage

Make sure to communicate with the consultant during the evaluation phase. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Feedback is good. You and your team members should take the business consultant’s advice to make things better. The consultant’s feedback isn’t mean to be personal. Sometimes, when you are too close to a business, you can’t see the changes that need to be made. A consultant can help by providing a fresh perspective on the situation.

3. Implementation

Once your company and the consultant agree on a plan, the consultant should enter the third phase: the restructuring stage. This is when they help you build on your assets and get rid of liabilities. They will also continue to monitor the progress of the plan and make changes if needed.

JAS Innovative Qualifications

A JAS consultant will have a graduate degree in his or her field. Earning a formal certification with a consultancy qualification.