Recruitment Services

If a company’s most valuable asset is its employees, then it makes sense to invest wisely in them. This becomes especially important when you consider that finding the right people can help increase your chances of success at running a business and getting ahead financially- which means investing extra time into researching potential candidates will pay off later!

What does your future hold? This is a question that many business owners ask themselves before they even start the interviewing process.
It’s important to be sure you are continuing with someone who will not only meet expectations but also work towards achieving goals in line with those set out by an organization or company.

It’s important to get the right person in place, not just for your business but also for their future success. JAS Innovative can help you find that perfect fit with our recruiters who are skilled and experienced professionals. Whatever the industry we have experienced recruiters to find exactly what the business needs to make your hiring successful for both you and the candidate.

How Our Recruitment Service Can Help You

The single most important decision a business makes is hiring. It’s not simply about finding the best person for the job, but also ensuring they’re motivated and experienced enough to do it well from day one with your company!

You can’t just wing it. The key to an effective recruitment campaign is preparation and planning!

Planning Process

We’re committed to helping you find the perfect candidate for your business. We’ll discuss all of our services and make sure that they are tailored specifically around what’s needed in order to fill this position!

  • Define the job role to be advertised.
  • Decide how we are going to advertise the role.
  • Consider what process are going to used to assess the skills and competencies of applicants.
  • Decide what you need to have in place when you have identified a suitable candidate who accepts your job offer.

Define your position

Setting out the key skills, experience and competencies you need from your new employee is a critical stage in finding them. For this reason, it’s essential that job definition be clear at all times so make sure to keep these things top of mind while recruiting! The recruitment process is a critical juncture in which you need to define the key skills, experience and competencies that your new employee will have.

JAS will ensure that the key aspects and duties of this role are outlined in our job description. We may also need to draft a ‘person specification’- this is similar to what’s called “a resume” but sets out all personal attributes you’re looking for when hiring someone such as qualifications, skills or experience they have which could include any specialities like languages spoken etc.

Advertising the role

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, we will advise where to advertise for your vacancy by considering the following options:

  • Online Job Sites
  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Agencies
  • Newspapers
  • Job Centres

Interview and selection

When it comes to hiring new employees, many companies rely on the interview and selection process as a way to determine which candidates are the best fit for their organization. This process typically involves a series of interviews, either face-to-face or over the phone, to assess a candidate’s skills, experience, and knowledge. Additionally, companies may use screening tools or personality tests to better understand potential candidates. Ultimately, the goal of this process is to identify those individuals who have the skills and qualities that are essential for success within a particular organization. Through careful evaluation and thoughtful consideration of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, businesses can ensure that they hire top-quality professionals who will help them achieve their goals. Using a scoring matrix which sets out the skills, experience and competencies candidates need to demonstrate we can rate each application against. This ensures that our hiring practices are fair because they follow an objective process while also being impartial. To ensure that your recruitment process is compliant with employment law and doesn’t request medical or health information from potential applicants, we will make sure interview invites include reasonable adjustments for those interviewing. How we go about the interview process depends on the job role
  • Presentations
  • Roleplay
  • Demo of products
  • Face to face
For further information on how we can help your business with our recruitment services, call 01453 619693